Updated Tallowmere 2 v0.3.7g (Mod Apk Money)

Tallowmere 2

Tallowmere 2 v0.3.7g (Mod Apk Money)

Lady Tallowmere’s kittens have been acting strange. Still, the dungeon’s rituals must be carried out. Despite the unusual circumstances, how many rooms can you clear?

• Raise your shield to survive.
• Defeat enemies. Find the key in each room to advance.
• Level up. Acquire weapons, shields, blessings, and potions to alter your character.
• Achieve a high score based on the room number you reach.

• ROGUELIKE RANDOMNESS. Rooms, enemies, items, and modifiers are procedurally generated every run.
• PLAY YOUR WAY. Choose your character and starting weapon before each adventure.
• FIGHT. Each room contains more enemies the further you go.
• WEAPON MASTERY. Use the right tool for the job – each weapon behaves differently.
• LOOT. Uncover higher rarity levels and item tiers the deeper you delve.
• STAY HEALTHY. Drink potions, find hearts, or visit Lady Tallowmere for healing.
• UNLOCK. Expand your starting arsenal by progressing far enough. Success is rewarded, not failure.

• Single-player
• Couch Co-op (local shared screen with 2 gamepads)
• Online Co-op (up to 4 players per game, including cross-platform support)

• Touchscreen, gamepad, and keyboard support
• Save your game anywhere and resume where you were
• Google Play achievements and leaderboards for eternal bragging rights
• Google Drive cloud sync for saved games, high scores, and preferences

For a list of supported gamepads, please visit:
• https://tallowmere2.com/androidTallowmere 2
Tallowmere 2
Tallowmere 2
Tallowmere 2
Tallowmere 2


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